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Welcome to the Microwave Solutions Ltd. site!

Welcome to the Microwave Solutions Limited website!


Microwave Solutions Limited design, manufacture, sell and support a full range of X-Band (10GHz) and a selected range of K-Band (24GHz) microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units. If you don't want to develop your own electronics, then we also offer a range of complete detectors that provide digital outputs suitable for interfacing to your own system


Volume Sales Our primary business is volume sales of Doppler radar units to OEM customers throughout the world, to whom we routinely supply tens of thousands of units every month. If your requirement is for 20 pcs to 20,000 pcs or more, contact us directly for a volume quotation using a link on the Enquiries page. We do recognise that there are users who may only require a small quantity of units for individual projects or development purposes. To support you, this site also includes a shop where small quantities of our most popular units can be purchased.


Site Navigation On the navigation menu above you will find details of the Products, Product Selection Guide, and Product Ordering Codes table which contains information on the overall product range and provides links to the current datasheets and outline drawings. The Applications tab provides you with all the key information to design an MSL Motion Detector Unit (MDU) into your product.


Shop and Payment Methods If you are ready to place an order, then please visit the Shop, which contains the Modules, Detectors, Detector Accessories categories.
We accept the following forms of payment:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the Enquiries page.