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Detector Accessories

  1. Power Relay Option

    Power Relay Option

    High Power Relay Option (suitable for all MSL detectors) 
    This option attaches directly to the detector board and enables the detector to switch a 3 Amp load. With this option the high current changeover relay contacts and Buzzer output are directly available.
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  2. Programming Cable

    Programming Cable

    Use this cable to program all MSL detectors 
    This cable, in conjunction with a PC can be used to program the following functions of any of the MSL detectors above.
    • Relay open or close on activation
    • Fluorescent light filter on/off
    • Fluorescent light filter 100Hz/120Hz
    • Trigger delay time - 2 secs to 64 minutes
    • Type of Module attached (Standard/MSL2000)
    • Various other parameters.

    Uses standard Terminal Program (Hyperterminal or similar)

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  3. Functional Demonstrator

    Functional Demonstrator

    Validate your idea with this functional demonstrator
    The Functional Demonstrator works with any of the standard MSL motion detector modules and allows you to test an application idea without developing your own circuitry.  Can be programmed to operate with standard, tuneable and direction sensing modules.  Operates from a 9 volt PP3 battery or 12 volt laboratory power supply.  Supplied with full schematic diagrams and BOM so you can use the circuitry as the basis for your own design.  Not supplied with a module - order separately from our standard range. 
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