Information relating to the technical performance of our products can be found in the “Design Support” section of the website. This includes electrical characteristics, mechanical outlines and antenna coverage patterns.

Product datasheets are available via the “Datasheet” section of the website or can be found by clicking on the link http://docs.microwave-solutions.com/

For additional technical assistance please use the link in the “Support” Menu to contact us either by e-mail or telephone.


Products can be purchased via the website shop. For larger quantities please contact us either directly or via your local distributor to discuss your requirement. International Distributors are available and are listed on our website.

Ongoing Support and Returns

Once a purchase has been made, please contact us for any additional advice relating to product use or product performance. If it is necessary to return product to us then please contact us first before sending any product back to us. Details can be found in our Returned Goods Policy.

Sales Administration will email you a copy of the Delivery Note once the order has been despatched.