Returned Goods Policy


1. Credit for returned goods

We do not give credit for goods that have been returned as faulty.

2. Procedure for returning goods

The following procedure for returning alleged faulty goods MUST be adhered to.  Failure to do so could result in delays or disputes.
(a) The Purchaser shall make a written request that Microwave Solutions Limited issue an RMA (Rejected Materials Authorisation) number.
(b) The following information must be provided before the RMA number can be issued
   (i)  Type and product code of units
   (ii) Quantity of units
   (iii) Reason for returning units
   (iv) Confirmation that the units are in warranty
(c) MSL will then issue an RMA number (and in the case of goods being returned from outside the EU a copy of the relevant UK Proof of Export to accompany the returned goods).
(d) The RMA number must appear on all documentation relating to the returned goods and on the packaging containing the returned goods.
(e) If the goods are being returned from a country within the EU, the documentation shall clearly state that they are “Goods of UK origin being returned to the manufacturer”
(f) If the goods are being returned from a country NOT in the EU, the documentation shall clearly state that they are “Goods of UK origin being returned to the manufacturer under RGR relief” and be accompanied by the UK Proof of Export referred to in 2 (c) above.
(g) Goods must be returned within 30 days of the issue of an RMA number.
(h) All costs to return the goods to Microwave Solutions Limited shall be paid by the Purchaser.

3. Regarding returned goods
Microwave Solutions Limited undertake to repair or replace free of charge any goods returned as faulty provided that:
(a) Goods are returned within one (1) year from the date of delivery; and
(b) Microwave Solutions Limited are able to verify that the goods are faulty: and
(c) Microwave Solutions Limited is satisfied that:-
(i) the fault is due to a defect in design, workmanship or material; and
(ii) the returned goods have been properly used and maintained by the Purchaser and have not been operated beyond the limits of rated capacity and normal usage; and
(d) The goods have been supplied directly to the Purchaser or via a Microwave Solutions Limited approved route.

4. Repairs to returned goods
The decision to repair or replace shall be at the sole discretion of Microwave Solutions Limited.

5. General terms and conditions
Microwave Solutions Limited shall not be liable for the cost of removal of alleged faulty goods or the cost of fitting new goods.
Any returned goods that are “out-of-warranty” shall (at the option of the Purchaser) be scrapped or returned to the Purchaser with the cost of carriage charged to or invoiced to the Purchaser.
Microwave Solutions Limited will pay the cost of shipping the repaired/replaced in-warranty goods back to the Purchaser.
This policy is governed by Microwave Solutions Limited General Terms and Conditions of Sale, document MSL3006/03.