Many of our products are available for purchase on-line. Please visit our on-line shop. If you have a question about an order you have placed online please contact weborders@microwave-solutions.com
Alternatively, if you require any further information regarding the Microwave Solutions Limited. range of products, please email sales@microwave-solutions.com 


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Sales Manager Customer Service Manager
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Local Representation

If you are located in the following countries, please contact our local representative for further information.


CountryCompany NameContact NameContact EmailWeb Site
Australia Microwave Solutions Simon Barber simon.barber@microwave-solutions.com www.microwave-solutions.com
France Microwave Solutions Simon barber simon.barber@microwave-solutions.com www.microwave-solutions.com
Germany/Austria/Switzerland Microwave Solutions Simon Barber simon.barber@microwave-solutions.com www.microwave-solutions.com
Israel Nisko Projects Freddy Senouf freddy@nisko.co.il www.nisko-projects.com
Italy Renzo Renzo Busciolà renzo.busciola@gmail.com (no website)
Spain/Portugal Ingenium S.L.   ingeniumsl@ingeniumsl.com (no website)
Sweden Compotech Provider AB Kristina Kristoffersson kristina.kristoffersson@compotech.se www.compotech.se
China Matton Group Celia Chen celia_chen@mattongroup.com   www.mattongroup.com 

Other Enquiries

For all other enquiries contact : Simon Barber (simon.barber@microwave-solutions.com)

To learn more about Microwave Solutions Ltd. please visit the About Us page.